4 Benefits of Plants in the Aquascape

4 Benefits of Plants in the Aquascape
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4 Benefits of Plants in the Aquascape A question which might be frequently asked by the Aquascaper’s “Why should wear plants in the Aquascape?”.

Need to be considered that those plants like trees under the sea that created the ecosystem of the waters. In addition to the natural decorations, plants also have other important functions in the Aquascape.

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If we make the Aquascape. The focus is more likely to be shifted to keep the plants stay happy. If the plant is happy and glad, fish in them also will join the growing.

4 Benefits of Plants in the Aquascape
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4 Benefits of Plants in the Aquascape

The following are 4 benefits provided by plants, among them:

  1. Water filtration

Aquascape has HOB filters (Hang On Back) and canister filter that provides mechanical and biological filtasi are good, on the other hand the plants also provide some sort of filtration. Plants can absorb and remove different kinds of waste and excrement produced by the fish, food, materials to rot, and even heavy metal.

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In addition to this unique filtration, plants can also make the surface area increases that result will be beneficial bacteria to grow properly. It also gives an additional biological filtration.

The mechanical filter must be cleaned regularly, if not its effectiveness will be lost over time. However, the plant will act as a filter which is good as long as they grow. Water quality in the Aquarium will also increase as more large number of plants that grow in the Aquascape.

  1. Aeration (Administering oxygen)

Plants can provide a sufficient amount of oxygen in the Aquascape when absorbing the carbon dioxide released by the fish, rather than having to use airpump and airstone into Aquascape which indirectly could create the appearance of the Aquarium becomes less entertaining.

Plants can do so because they are in the process of photosynthesis. During this process, plants absorb nutrients, and then absorb the light and carbon dioxide and the result will be releasing oxygen as a byproduct.

  1. Prevent the growth of Algae

The growth of the algae is one issue that is serious enough in the Aquascape and difficult to be handled without assistance from the plant. Algae grows because it is caused by an excess of nutrients and light in the Aquascape. To counter the growth of algae, plants can be used to compete with the algae in consuming excessive nutrients.

  1. Place Live Fish

Sometimes if you select fish to be placed into the Aquascape, the fish can be very territorial. The plant allows different fish species to coexist with providing protection and cover. Some types of fish can even breed and incubate their eggs on the leaves of the plant. The existence of the plant, the ratio of the rate of small fish life will increase.

Thus 4 information Benefits Plants in this Aquascape. Hopefully this information can be useful for you Aquascaper!


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