Best 5 Aquarium Plants For Low Light Tank

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Best 5 Aquarium Plants For Low Light Tank – Water plants is not much different with plants that live on land, they need Co2 for photosynthesis. But there are some plants that could survive in a tank without Co2 injection.

Aquascape plants without Co2 injection should be living in freshwater need to note the replacement of the water. If without Co2 injection should you do a water change once a week. In addition the temperature of the aquarium should also be maintained. The temperature of the water in the aquarium should stay below 30 degrees.

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Below are the best 5 low light plants for beginners, such as: Hemianthus callitrichides, African Water Fern, Microsorum Pteropus/Java Fern, Lilaeopsis, Echinodorus Amazonicus. Below is the complete explanation :

Hemianthus callitrichides

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Hemianthus callitrichides is the origin of the United State’s famous for having the world’s smallest leaves. The plant is suitable to put in part due to the growth of the vine aquarium wasn’t so nice to be placed in the front of the aquarium. Compared with the HC plant Sought is straightforward in her treatment. hemianthus callitrichides also called Dwarf Baby Tears. This plant is often used as the plant’s carpet. This plant can grow optimally at a water temperature of 22 to 23 degrees Celsius. The nature of this plant is growing following the direction of light. If the lighting less then these plants will grow up to follow the flow of the light source.

African Water Fern

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African Water Fern has dark green color and shape resembling a fern. African water fern is often used as the background of the aquarium. The temperature of the water is good for growing this plant is about 20 to 27 degrees Celsius. Then these plants also need not obtain needed much light for a low light tank also this plant can grow well.

Microsorum Pteropus

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In addition to African Fern there is also Java Fern or term of this plant are Microsorum Pteropus. Java fern or pteropus Micosorum this easy to care for her, because this plant can be grown on low lighting. This plant is much sought after by the Aquascaper because the unique shape and easy in maintenance.


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Lilaeopsis has a form that resembles grass and has a height of approximately 5 cm. This plant is very easy to be observed in addition to its growth any time is faster. Because this plant is growing fast so you have to regularly prune the plants so that the stay awake. The temperature is good to plant this plant is between 23 to 24 degrees Celsius.

Echinodorus Amazonicus

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Echinodorus Amazonicus is one of many plant demands by beginners and also who have long known the Aquascape. Echinodorus Amazonicus has leaves that are long and bright green leaves. This plant is usually placed in the background to embellish the look of your aquarium. The temperature of the water is good for growing the plant is between 22 to 27 degrees Celsius.

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That’s Best 5 Aquarium Plants For Low Light Tank. So if you are confused in finding plants that are easy for your aquarium you should choose some plants from five plants that we mentioned to decorate your tank.

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