Choose the Plants for Aquascape Iwagumi Style

Choose The Plants For Aquascape Iwagumi Style
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Choose the Plants for Aquascape Iwagumi Style  – Style of Iwagumi Aquascape is one of the more specific style Aquascape is a subtype of Aquascape’s natural style. The style of Iwagumi itself introduced by Takashi Amano in 1987 or about 30 years ago.

The term itself comes from the language of iwagumi Japan, meaning “rock formation”. The main design on the Iwagumi consists of 3 stone which includes 1 main stones with a large size as well as 2 secondary stones with a size smaller than the main stone. However, the style of Iwagumi Aquascape don’t always have to use a stone as a constituent component of the 3, but you could also add another stone to produce a concept that’s interesting and fascinating.

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Style of Iwagumi Aquascape is also not only famous for its stones are striking as well as charming, but it also has other elements in shaping the concept of style of Iwagumi. Another element in question is water plants decorating the rock formation. In the style of Iwagumi, uses of aquatic plants can soft rigid atmosphere dominated by rocks.

Choose The Plants For Aquascape Iwagumi Style
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Choose the Plants for Aquascape Iwagumi Style

Imagine if your style of Iwagumi Aquascape made without overgrown plants, surely the people who see it will impress the stiff and boring, isn’t it? Not only that, the function of this plant can be used to create a harmonious atmosphere in your Aquascape. Types of aquatic plants used in this style of Iwagumi is a low growing plants that grow tall or not.

It aims to remain the main component as the rocks are accentuated in the style of Iwagumi. So be sure to choose plants that grow low so as not to obstruct the stone structure in Aquascape you. When it comes to the issue of the plant in Aquasccape Iwagumi, there are some plants that you can use. The following plants that you can use to style of Iwagumi Aquascape, including:

The Most Popular Plants

Starting from plants that are often used for this style of iwagumi is such a low carpet of plants: Dwarf Hairgrass (Eleocharis Acicularis) Glossostigma Elatinoides, Hemianthus Callitrichoides, ‘ Cuba ‘, Pogostemon Helferi, Riccia Fluitans (submerged and tied with stones), Vallisneria Nana, Rotala Vivipari, and Eleocharis Sp.

In order not to disturb the main elements in the style of Iwagumi Aquascape Formation rocks, pieces of plants whose size length if blocking 3 stone must exist in this style like a rock Oyaishi rock Fukuishi rock, and Soeishi.

In addition, the plant whose size is quite high as Eleocharis Vivipara can be used in rear areas or background of this style of Iwagumi Aquascape so that adds to the impression of depth and complexity of this style.

There plants that you can use in the style of Iwagumi Layout, keep watch for the growth of your plants, if not, the already long plants would make the rocks that became the main element of the square in this style. Hopefully this information about Choose the Plants for Aquascape Iwagumi Style can be useful for you.


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