Choosing Plants for Aquascape Nature Style

Choosing Plants For Aquascape Nature Style
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Choosing Plants for Aquascape Nature Style – Aquascape Nature style is one of the main styles that are currently dominating the world of Aquascaping. This style was first introduced by the Aquarist Takashi Amano popular Japan in 1990, and there after its popularity endured for years and affects the whole future of the Aquascaper.

The Nature style of this Aquascape has the layout of a view that grow Naturally or design landscape of a particular environment in the wild. Despite the appearance of this style looks like is not set or layout which impressed formed Naturally by itself, the fact to make a Nature style of this Aquascape requires a mature plan and not a short process.

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To create a Nature style Aquascape These need to be two aspects you need to know. First is the concept phase up to the design, the second is at the stage of setup or implementation. It should be noted also, in Nature style of this Aquascape is typically made with a single focal point. These focal points could be of any kind, whether it’s a tree, a rock, a small hill, or a cliff. The point is the center of attention when other people see your Aquascape. Focus their attention on the object and an attractive design in your aquarium.

Choosing Plants For Aquascape Nature Style
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Choosing Plants for Aquascape Nature Style

Basically to make this Nature style Aquascape is not too difficult. You only have to choose the plant carefully by first recognizing the characteristics of those plants, choosing the right substrate for your plants as well as choose supporting equipment or major appliances.

In addition is a hobby, Aquascape can also be used as an investment.The beautiful and enchanting Aquascape will get high prices bid if you intend to sell it.

The selection of aquatic plants for the Nature style of this Aquascape is absolutely vital. Unlike the Aquascape Dutch style, on a Nature style of this Aquascape lets us use plants of the same species and in the same Aquarium as well.

Usually the idea in choosing the plants derived from the resemblance of the plant that is commonly found on the outside. For example, you want to create a landscape dominated by trees so you can use different kinds of plants the Moss tacked on a rod of wood to create the effect of the trees.

Use plants that are not too dependent on the lighting and the plants can grow quickly. Plants are often used in Nature style of this Aquascape include:

  • Wide variety of plants such as Carpet: Hairgrass, Riccia Fluitans, Glossotigma, Echinodorus Tenellus, Cuba HC, Elatine Hydropiper, Monte Carlo, Sagitaria Subulata, Baby Tears, and more.
  • Wide variety of plants such as Moss: Christmass Moss, Flame Moss, Java Moss, Erect Moss, Fissiden, Minipelia, Peacock Moss, Spiky Mos,Weeping and others.
  • Wide variety of plants as Fern: Windelove, Java Fern, and more.

Aquarist, that information about what plants are used in the Nature style of the Aquascape. Hopefully helpful.

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