Choosing the Right Fish for Aquascape Nature Style

Choosing the Right Fish for Aquascape Nature Style
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Choosing the Right Fish for Aquascape Nature Style – Aquascape Nature style is one of two main styles that dominated the world of Aquascaping. This design concept has been popularized by Takashi Amano at around 1990. Aquascape Nature style characterized by presenting layouts views grow naturally and also inspired the concept of the garden Wabi Sabi in Japan.

This style tends to pay attention to the grouping as well as the harmony of water plants, stones and Driftwood in order to create the impression of a miniature landscape waters of a particular environment. In some case, many aquarist describe Aquascape style Nature as rain forests, hills, mountains, or Valley in the small scale version.

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Japan gardening method is typically used to build Aquasape style of Nature, such as using the Golden Ratio. Despite the appearance of this Aquascape style look easy, but actually to produce the layout of the plant to look naturally this requires careful planning and a lot of things that should be realized first.

Choosing the Right Fish for Aquascape Nature Style
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Choosing the Right Fish for Aquascape Nature Style

Rock driftwood are arranged symmetrically with the caution of some plant species in order to create miniature natural waterfall flowing. Aquacape style Nature usually have only one focal point that is adapted to the Golden Rule. To achieve the design layout of the Aquascape style Nature is desired then you should choose the right substrate for aquatic plants as well as some interesting pieces like the hardscape of wood that is branched and looking for unique rocks as well as choosing the right aquatic plants for your landscape.

The selection of fish to be used in this style of Aquascape Nature is as important as choosing the right plant. Here are some criteria that become into consideration choose Aquascape fish in the style of Nature that is:

  • Fish Behavior: choose fish that do not have the nature of damage plants or fish that like to eat crops such as fish cooks. Never place the fish Cooks in your Aquascape because can badly water plants in the Aquascape.
  • Way of life: choose the fish that live in groups or packs such as schooling fish so you can enter the numbers of the fish pretty much (more than 10 tails) into your Aquascape with the same species.
  • Size: catch the fish with a relatively small size in order to keep the environment that you want to the form in the Aquascape.
  • Form: Form is not very important, given the shape of a fish just right?
  • Color: use fish with a unique color and interesting to add to the beauty of your Aquascape.

An example of a fish that is included in all of the above criteria is: Red Neon Tetra, Neon Tetra, Guppy Rasbora, Cardinal, and others.

Thus information on Choosing the right Fish for Aquascape Style Nature. Hopefully you can choose the right fish for your Aquascape.

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