Choosing the Right Fish for Aquascape Style Jungle

Choosing the Right Fish for Aquascape Style Jungle
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Choosing the Right Fish for Aquascape Style Jungle – Aquascape style Jungle is one of style or flow up to now are still often used and popular among the Aquarist. The ease in making its own style this Jungle Aquascape is the absence of the rules that bind us associated plant layout inside the Aquarium. Of course, this will set us free to use how many plants and put the plant anywhere in the Aquarium.

The main objective in this Jungle style Aquascape is to let the plant grow “wild” inside the aquarium in order to create an atmosphere of forests populated and filled with a variety of plants such as natural wilderness.

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Aquascape style Jungle is very rarely done pruning, because if the plant is pruned, it will eliminate your Aquascape that looks like a Jungle, plants will be allowed to grow uncontrolled in order to create the concept of the wild Jungle, but still under the supervision of course.

Choosing the Right Fish for Aquascape Style Jungle
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Choosing the Right Fish for Aquascape Style Jungle

Another characteristic of the style of this one is that you will hardly see hardscape placed on the Aquarium because most of the population inside the Aquarium itself in domination by the plant. You won’t see a lot of room inside the Aquarium because almost the entire area of the Aquarium is populated and filled with plants tall, leafy plants and a range of big fish that surely will make the atmosphere of the wild Jungle in this style are increasingly gushing.

Talk about fish, it felt incomplete if this Aquascape is not populated by a wide variety of fish. In the style of this Aquascape, fish also has an important role where the fish will be interconnected with plant height in order to create the impression that this Aquascape style Jungle inhabited by wildlife.

Here are some types of fish that are commonly used in the Aquascape Jungle style include:

  • Cleithracara Maronii
  • Corydoras Aeneus
  • Hyphessobrycon Colombianus
  • Paracheirodon Innesi
  • Red Tailed Black Shark

Well the above list represents some of the fish that is often used in Jungle gay Aquascape, you can select which fish you would like to use in an aquarium. All depends on the tastes of each.

Another thing to note is the problem of Algae or Alga as happened in other styles of Aquascape. Algae has become a major problem in the Aquascape who do not know any style, for your Aquarium is filledby the plant then it is likely the emergence of algae or alga is still there. For that, you should already be preparing ways to overcome the algae before making an Aquascape with any style.

Hopefully the information on Choosing the Right Fish for Aquascape Style Jungle can be rewarding for you, Yes.

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