Cleaner Algae Eating Fish Plecostomus in Freshwater Aquarium: Butterfly Pleco
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Butterfly Pleco Is The Attractive Catfish

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Cleaner Algae Eating Fish Plecostomus in Freshwater Aquarium: Butterfly Pleco The butterfly pleco is its size, popular because of its distinctive striped pattern in addition to an attractive species. They are also quite peaceful, making them a great care fish for smaller communities and the excellent freshwater algae eaters.

It has been moved around quite a bit among distinct genera and you also may thus get Peckoltia brachyura or the names Zonancistrus brachyurus in some sources. Now, the Butterfly pleco is considered an integral part of its scientific name and the genus Dekeyseria is so Dekeyseria brachyura. Some stores sell Dekeyseria brachyura below the name Peckoltia pulcher.

This species of fish continues to be reclassified on the years quite several times when identifying which species of fish you have, that may cause some confusion as you can find several other similar noticeable plecos accessible.


Cleaner Algae Eating Fish Plecostomus in Freshwater Aquarium: Butterfly Pleco 2
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This fish is one of the types of algae eaters, drive it to survive natural algae growing on just in the aquarium; regularly nutritional supplement with an increase of food to be certain that the fish gets enough nutrients. You can, for instance, used algae based prepared food as a foundation and joined it with many vegetables, for example, cucumber, zucchini, potatoes and green peas.

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Wood should be a part of the aquarium put in place. Additionally give your Butterfly pleco infrequent and little portions of food that is meaty.

Attention Care

So the add-on with this to the aquarium is essential, they do gnaw to help their digestion. Other hiding places also need to be contained if it wants to, so the Butterfly pleco can hide away with the addition of décor like upturned plant pots.


Decorate the aquarium with lots of driftwood and make appropriate spawning caverns on the list of wood. This can be a cavern spawning species, so crevices or suitable caves certainly are essential. They would rather lodge themselves into fitting indentations that are extremely tight.  Female and the male will stay around to safeguard the eggs. He will drive the fry till they are completely formed, to remain within the cavern.


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Fact About Butterfly Pleco is here:

  1. The Butterfly Pleco has got the ability by altering colour to camouflage itself.
  2. When spawning, the eggs will be protected by the male butterfly pleco until they have grown.
  3. Butterfly plecos could keep though they may pursue each other and fan themselves out safeguard their land and build dominance.

Added Info

Its look can be changed by this fish in an instant to remain camouflaged, the same as a chameleon. Your Butterfly pleco might become nearly entirely black, should you make use of a dark substrate in your aquarium.

Also, it is crucial that you consider why these fishes will alter appearance determined by how well lit the aquarium is. The backdrop and a light substrate are most beneficial for showing off this excellent fish.

Such information about Cleaner Algae Eating Fish Plecostomus in Freshwater Aquarium: Butterfly Pleco. Hopefully, this information can help you in troubleshooting the pesky algae in the fish tank.

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