Easy Way to Avoid Excessive Algae in the Aquascape

Easy Way to Avoid Excessive Algae in the Aquascape
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Easy Way to Avoid Excessive Algae in the Aquascape – In view of the common algae is photosynthetic organisms such as plants and this plant life in the water, does not have a stem, root, leaves, a network of blood vessels as well as just having a simple reproductive structures.

Unfortunately, the algae will always appear in your Aquascape, due to the fact of life. Indeed, Aquascape needs some algae growth, but if too much then it can endanger the survival of fish and other water plants.

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As in all aspects of life, we must work hard in order to find a balance in the Aquascape design you managed to completely.

Easy Way to Avoid Excessive Algae in the Aquascape
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Easy Way to Avoid Excessive Algae in the Aquascape

Here is how to avoid excessive Algae growth in the Aquascape:

  1. Reduce Lighting

If you put in the Aquascape positions exposed to direct sunlight, then it will increase the growth of Algae in the Aquascape. You only need to use light bulbs that are monitored during eight hours per day so algae growth is balanced. We recommend that you use the Timer on the socket connector to ensure lighting you create to Aquascape has been perfect.

  1. Do turn of the Water

The important thing to note is the turn of regular water. It is recommended to replace 25% to 50% water Aquascape each week. It is aimed at maintaining a balanced nutrient levels.

  1. Test the water

Note also to know the nutritional levels of the water which you will input in the Aquascape. Do a test to water at its source to know the levels of phosphates and nitrates, then do the handling in accordance with the results

  1. Reduce Feed

Be sure to get rid of any food that is left over from Aquascape after 5 minutes giving feed fish. If you get rid of the food left after giving a feed, you’ll avoid the overfeeding.

  1. Cleaning Thoroughly Aquascape

When you see the algae or signs of the emergence of algae in the Aquascape then immediately do the cleaning. It’s easy, move the hardscape and items in the Aquascape, grab and then scrub with a clean slate. To clean the glass, can be absorbed while to clean gravel in a manner sucked.

  1. Add the amount of Algae eating Fish

This way is a fun way to keep the balance of the growth of algae in your Aquascape. Some types of fish may help to eat the algae and grind in the Aquascape is Ototcinclus, Plecostomus and Siamese Flying Fox.

Aquascaping takes time, effort and research to create an interesting as well as beautiful Aquascape. So thus how to avoid excessive algae growth in the Aquascape. Hopefully this information can be useful for you, especially in terms of handling the algae.

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