Guide to Making Aquascape for Beginners

Guide to Making Aquascape for Beginners
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Guide to Making Aquascape for Beginners – To create an Aquascape, the steps are very easy to understand compared to learn math.

You only need to prepare the materials as below, and find the idea of design or style of your Aquascape.

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If you are still confused, you can see lots of examples spread on the internet and don’t forget to place your aquarium in a place protected from direct sunlight.

Guide to Making Aquascape for Beginners
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Guide to Making Aquascape for Beginners

Here it is how to create and What Ingredients you need to prepare:

Required materials:

  • Aquarium
  • Lamp
  • sand or Soil
  • Filters
  • Fertilizers Liquid Fertilizers or Basic
  • Fish
  • Plant
  • CO2 (can be purchased or made yourself)
  • Fan (if needed)

How To Make:

1. The first step, place all the ingredients substrate (such as basic fertilizer, sand, malang). Then spread the mulch at the base of the Aquarium approximately 1 cm, then cover it with a thick rough poor sand 2-3 cm (this poor sand serves as his home and rooting of bacteria). Then, sprinkle a layer of soil which is comprised of 2-3 cm that serves as a medium for planting and help the process of planting.

Guide step 1
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2. Next, arrange the layout of your hardscape (rocks, driftwood, or coral) aquascape designs fit you want.

Guide step 2
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3. Put the water into the aquarium to moisten the base layer or the ground. It is advisable to wear plate or sieve at time of pouring water, this function so that the substrate layer is not damaged.

Guide step 3
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4. Prepare the plant, then immediately start planting. Use the tweezers in order to ease the process of planting. Separate small amounts of crops and cropping it evenly into the sand. Plants grown in small quantities as well as equitable will make deployments faster than the plant it within one point with large numbers. It should be noted that during the planting process don’t forget to spray the water periodically to keep the plants moist, because if it is not sprayed, the plants will dry and then leaves the crop will be damaged.

Guide step 4
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5. After that, fill the aquarium with water until full. The contents carefully and it is recommended to use a plate or a strainer in order not to spoil the landscape.

Guide step 5
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6. The State of the water will look dull and cloudy, but you don’t have to worry because the water in the Aquarium later will come back clean.

7. Next, install the filter installation (to clean the water and circulation water) and install also the lighting (to substitute the sunlight so that the plants can do the process of photosynthesis)

8. For lighting up to 8-9 hours per day. Because if it is too long, even the algae growth will make it faster, can make the water dull and inhibits plant growth.

9. Once you take care of her for the past 2 to 3 months, then the result will be visible.

Hopefully the information regarding the Guide lines Make this Aquascape for beginners could be useful for you. Good luck and get creative with your aquarium!


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