How to Adding CO2 Into the Aquascape

How to Adding CO2 Into the Aquascape
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How to Adding CO2 Into the Aquascape – It may still ask, what the heck do the CO2 or carbon dioxide in the Aquascape? Carbon dioxide or CO2 are the primary role in fulfilling all the nutrients macro and micro crops that are important to maintain their survival.

Without enough CO2, the plants will not be able to do the process of photosynthesis (changing the light into energy, rich sugars, starch and various kinds of molecules that contain carbon molecules which is needed by plants to produce new leaves and roots are strong).

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In nature, it is not a problem, but in a closed system aquarium, we are faced with some problems that need to be addressed in order for the Aquascape we design successful. The problem that needs to be addressed is the lighting, carbon dioxide/CO2 and Nutrients of micro and macro.

How to Adding CO2 Into the Aquascape
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How to Adding CO2 Into the Aquascape

At the beginning of the mid 1990s, the practice of injecting CO2 into the Aquascape have long done. Currently almost all the stores have a variety of aquarium equipment CO2 and already a lot of people use it for their Aquascape.

There are countless ways that you can do to add CO2 tank into your aquarium. It is generally divided into two categories namely the injection of liquid and gas injection are widely available in almost all stores or specialist Aquarium. CO2 in the form of gas can be obtained by three ways: system pressurized, aerosol and yeast based (CO2 alternative the price is relatively cheap which is only useful for smaller tanks).

DIY CO2 or CO2 BIO based yeast is the most efficient way and easy way to get the CO2 into the Aquascape. DIY CO2 is a product of the fermentation process reserves but only provide inconsistent supply. You might think of getting a DIY way CO2 is cheaper, because it produces pressurized CO2 levels and you just need the water, yeast and sugar to make it.

It is more expensive, but in the process of making the DIY CO2 process makes it cumber some and can make your confusion. Yeast measure depends on the size of your aquarium, it is not injected CO2 through a diffuser, but directly into the water (due to the low pressure/less),you’ll need to arrange it all yourself, here are two important factors that you should think repeatedly before give it a try. In addition, you must replace the CO2 based yeast it once every few weeks.

The Aquascaper usually use pressurized CO2 system because it was judged better and easy to provide a supply of CO2 into the Aquarium, as well as dependable and consistent even though the price is more expensive than a DIY CO2. Pressurized system allows you to control the expenditure of CO2, as well as enhancing fertility and accelerate plant growth.

Hopefully the information how to add CO2 Into this Aquascape can be a reference for you in choosing how to get CO2 to your Aquascape. Good luck.

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