How to Choose the Right Lamp for Lighting Aquascape

How to Choose the Right Lamp for Lighting Aquascape
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How to Choose the Right Lamp for Lighting Aquascape – Lighting is crucial for plant growth and health of the fish in the aquarium. Especially when caring for the types of plants that require high illumination in the tank aquascape. In nature, the Sun is the only source of light for freshwater plants as well as to perform photosynthesis crops need a very bright lights.

You can use the Metal Halide or LED lights to illuminate the aquascape and living things in it. LED lights have recently been available, easily accessible and can be found in the nearby Aquarium store. LED light itself using the latest technology, where the energy of the lower watt but light issued the same brightness with a lamp that uses energy is higher.

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LED light itself is easy to custom and many domestic products that provide this LED lights in a wide spectrum. This lamp releases energy which is slightly smaller, and the power of this light being the best choice for your modern aquariums.

How to Choose the Right Lamp for Lighting Aquascape
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How to Choose the Right Lamp for Lighting Aquascape

The following types of Aquascape Lights you can select:

1. Metal Halide

Metal Halide
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Power Metal Halide lamp was issued by is 100-400 Watts. Since LED lights Metal Halide Lamps is introduced, is slowly starting to retired from competition because it was judged less economical. The following advantages and disadvantages of Metal Halide Lamps:

Advantages: the lighting is very bright and very useful for the type of tank which has a basis in. Another plus is able to provide such a sparkling effect in nature.

Disadvantages: very hot Lights and can increase the temperature of the tank. Inefficient and wasteful issued power compared to other light technology.

2. T5 – Fluorescent

T5 - Fluorescent
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T5 Fluorescent or is newer technology than Metal Halide Lamps. This light issued a very high Wattage power, because the radiance of its light evenly to all areas of the Aquarium. These bulbs tend to be replaced more often than the LED light. The following advantages and disadvantages of light T5 or Fluorescent :

Advantages: Light thinner and brighter

Disadvantages: the initial cost to buy this lamp very expensive. Less efficient than LED lights and not have the effect its luster as Metal halides.

3. Lampu LED

Lampu LED
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The LED light is a lamp with the latest technology supports the growth of indoor plants. These lights more efficient and cheaper compared to Metal Halide or T5 lamps. In addition, this lamp also gives effect of sparkle in your aquarium. LED lights are arranged with quality and high Wattage that will provide the right lighting for your plants in an aquarium. The following Advantages and Disadvantages:

Advantages: more efficient, requiring only a little power but the lighting is the same brightness with lights that use high power. These lights are durable and can be used subs 50,000 hours of low heat emitting LEDS and small size make this lamp into the aquarium light fixtures.

Disadvantage: high cost of initial set up.

Hopefully the information on how to choose the right lamp to aquascape it could be useful to you.


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