How to get rid of Green Spot Algae in an Aquarium
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How To Get Rid Of Green Spot Algae In An Aquarium

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How to get rid of Green Spot Algae in an AquariumThe Aquarist often call the Green Spot Algae as organisms that cling on the substrate. Not only that, these algae also makes the container on a substrate that has the form of a green, flat spots and small to be used as breeding grounds.

Green Spot Algae has a texture that is hard and rough, these algae are also usually formed on the surface of the glass substrate, and the leaves of the plant have a characteristic slow growth. The one algae are usually found in the Aquascape with lighting is very high, they are still a relative with Green Algae and is a genus of such plate that has the Coleochaete body multicellular.

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Green Spot Algae it can hardly be distinguished from Green Algae Coats the other, both these algae tend to have the same growth that is forming a flat carpet stuck to the substrate with a strong enough. The difference, Green Algae Coats do not form spots, and more likely to form like a coat.

How to get rid of Green Spot Algae in an Aquarium
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How to get rid of Green Spot Algae in an Aquarium

Here is the common cause of Green Spot Algae can grow In your Aquascape.

Common Cause

The main reason for the formation of the Green Spot Algae i.e. low CO2 levels in the aquarium as well as the lack of macro nutrients. The following circumstances can benefit the Aquarium for the growth of Green Spot Algae:

  • 5 to 10 mg/l of potassium (K)
  • >10 mg/l of magnesium (Mg)
  • 5 to 10 mg/l of potassium (K)
  • A CO2 content of approximately 20-30 mg/l, measurable by a permanent test with test agent
  • 0,1 to 1 mg/l of phosphate (PO4)
  • 10 to 25 mg/l of nitrate (NO3)

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On the other side, the low levels of phosphate is also one of the causes of the emergence of the Green Spot Algae.

How to get rid of Green Spot Algae in an Aquarium 2
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Here’s How to get rid of the Green Spot Algae

Effective way to get rid of algae on this one is to use Algae Eaters that corresponds to the number of the abundance of Algae to eat. Adjust the amount of Algae Eaters with the abundance of algae in the Aquarium is a very important factor.

Algae Eaters are often used by professional Aquascaper including sun snail (Clithon SP.) or species of nerite snail (Neritina sp.) They proved most effective kills algae coat which has a physical very rough and hard.

How To Prevent Green Spot Algae appear back

How to prevent it, namely increasing levels of phosphates in Aquarium by adding phosphate monobasic potassium, increasing levels of dissolved CO2 as well as improve the system circulation i.e. the water flow inside the Aquascape. The use of magnetic glass can also help prevent algae reappear at the surface of the glass. Expert Aquarist suggested that increasing the intensity of the lighting to 9-10 hours per day until the State of the tank is back to normal.

Such information on How to get rid of Green Spot Algae in an Aquarium. Hopefully this information can help you in getting rid of algae that grows in your Aquascape.

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