How to Remove Layer Oil on the Surface Aquascape

How to Remove Layer Oil on the Surface Aquascape
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How to Remove Layer Oil on the Surface Aquascape As a fan of Aquascape, it would not be surprised if the oil layers date back to arise on the surface of the Aquascape. For the Aquascaper beginners, actually what is the layer of oil?

The oil layer is often known as protein bio film. This oil coating liquid natural protein layer formed of fish food that does not break down completely so that it produces a protein, then happens to float on the surface of Aquascape.

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In addition to that, it showed if we during feeding, lack of maintenance or equipment busted even exists. However, in some sources, this indicates that the oil layer Aquascape we design in a healthy state. Which source menu writers also do not know/find the right article to find answers to be exact.

How to Remove Layer Oil on the Surface Aquascape
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How to Remove Layer Oil on the Surface Aquascape

How do remove the layer of this oil? Here’s how:

  • Oil Coating can be removed with a tool called surface skimmer, can be purchased at the Aquarium supply stores or make your own.
  • Using fish Molly or Guffy who love to play and eat the excess oil on the surface of the Aquascape.
  • Direct the fan into the surface of the water so that the layer of oil could be lost are carried by the wind.
  • In addition to using the tool surface skimmer, in fact you can use the filter to the aquarium with the terms if the suction/intake filters fitting the water surface is directed not entered into the aquarium water. It is commonly known with the surface agitation, that aim to make ripples on the surface of the Aquarium. However, this way can not be used on an on going basis, because it could reduce levels of CO2 dissolved in the water.
  • You can also cover the surface of the aquarium with the newsprint, the way this is done repeatedly until the oil is gone. However, this method is not recommended because there may be content of harmful substances in newsprint.
  • In addition to the number of ways of covering surfaces with newsprint, you could also use a Kleenex tissue, where it aims to absorb the oil in the surface until it is gone. How to use it is quite easy, cover the surface of the water with paper towels, and doing it this way repeatedly until the oil runs out.

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How can this be used on a nano Aquarium size 30 cm. If the Aquarium is larger, then the tissue that he used any more and could make us tired. This method is not recommended if you have a large size Aquarium.

Such information regarding how to remove the layer of oil on the surface of the Aquascape. In addition to the methods above may still exist in other ways. In General, a proven way could eliminate the oil in surface is by surface skimmer and place fish Molly and Guffy. Hopefully this information can be useful.

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