How to Stop Green Hair Algae Growth in a Fish Tank

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How to Stop Green Hair Algae Growth in a Fish Tank Green Hair Algae or Cladophora Algae is known algae can make us frustrated and overwhelmed to remove it because of this algae get tangled among the leaves and roots of plants, and it is almost impossible to remove these algae as a whole.

As the name suggests, Green Hair Algae green threads marked by long strands of hair length can reach 10 inches. This plant does not attach themselves directly on the rocks or plants, but if left alone, these algae can easily take over your Aquascape in a matter of weeks.

Green hair Algae growing in the Aquascape has low CO2 levels, lighting is too high, as well as the existence of an inefficient provision of nutrients especially iron, nitrogen and phosphate.

How to Stop Green Hair Algae Growth in a Fish Tank 2
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How to Stop Green Hair Algae Growth in a Fish Tank

Profile Of Green Hair Algae

  • Scientific name: Cladophora Algae
  • Common name: Green Hair Algae
  • Difficulty to remove it: Moderate
  • Cause to appear: the high light, not the share of nutrients and low CO2 levels
  • Characteristics: green colored hair Strands
  • How to stop it: the combination of a variety of methods such as manual, chemical, fish and shrimp.
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Here’s how to stop growth of Green Hair Algae

  • Manual methods

You can remove Green Hair Algae manually simply by using your hands to unplug as many algae that stuck to the plant or other hardscape. You can also use a toothbrush that is by the way turn it around in Green Hair Algae such as when eating spaghetti wear fork.

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  • Chemical methods

Many fans of Aquascape has been using organic carbon (one of the brands from the company Seachem Excel) to be an effective tool in killing and stop the growth of algae. A double dose of organic carbon will kill Green Hair Algae in the Aquascape, either algae it will disappear or algae becomes easy to be removed by hand.

  • Algae Eater (fish/shrimp)

There are some kinds of fish and shrimp that has a role as a Green Hair Algae eaters, such as Siamese Algae Eaters (Crossocheilus siamensis), species of Molly (Poecilia SP.), Tiger Barbs (Endemic tetrazona) as well as the Rosy Barb (Endemic conchonius) is known as the largest consumer can remove Green Hair Algae.

Meanwhile, Amano Shrimp or commonly known as Caridina multidentata and Red Cherry Shrimp Neocaridina denticulata sinensis or which is also a shrimp who likes Green Hair Algae.

How to prevent Green Hair Algae grow back

Green Hair Algae appear due to an imbalance of nutrients, and the lighting is too high. To remove algae from your Aquarium plants, then you need to reduce the amount of iron as well as balancing other nutrients. If Green Hair Algae appears again, then immediately get rid of your tank and take further precautions.

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