Mistakes that Often Occur When Making Aquascape

Mistakes that Often Occur When Making Aquascape
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Mistakes that Often Occur When Making AquascapeAquascape is one hobby that is fun and also arguably pretty easily. Aquascape not only purchase the equipment and then designing the layout here and there, fill water and finally inevitably fail.

Many common questions frequently asked of the Aquascaper’s new foray into the world of Aquascaping. Like “why is my fish die suddenly?”, “why the hardscape of wood I grew white?”, “why don’t my plants leaves are often loss and color fade?” and other questions.

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There are some errors that it may seem trivial but can affect your success in making the Aquascape.

Mistakes that Often Occur When Making Aquascape
Photo copyright from pinterest.com

Mistakes that Often Occur When Making Aquascape

What are those mistakes? He’s a frequent mistake when creating an Aquascape:

  1. Buy plants that Require High Maintenance

As a beginner, Aquascaper sometimes we only buy plants that look nice without regard for plants like what we buy, the leaves are red or pink and others. Even we forget to pay attention to the needs of just about any plant, whether requiring low light, medium light or even high light. We also must not pay attention to whether the plants need CO2 injection or not.

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  1. Immediately place the fish after Aquascape Water filled

In the early weeks after the Aquascape ecosystem, but so has still not been formed so that any water parameters are not yet completely stable. As a result if the fish directly entered that time then the fish poisoning, stress can even unto death.

  1. Place the Driftwood without Boiled First

Driftwood we buy from shop aquariums or are we looking at the River, sometimes driftwood still have tannins or SAP. If directly entered into the Aquarium, then the water in the Aquarium will be yellow. To overcome this, usually the wood is boiled first before placed in the Aquarium, the goal that is removing the SAP wood that still exists in it.

  1. Lights Left lit up 24 hours

The function of the lamp itself a replacement for the Sun which helps the process of photosynthesis plants. Where midday photosynthetic plants to use and night used to break. Just as in nature, photosynthesis does not take place 24 hours doesn’t it? In the Aquascape lighting enough 8 hours per day.

  1. Immediately place the Coated Substrate Without plastic plates

This seems to look easy isn’t it, but sometimes the Aquascaper beginners forget coat the substrate with a plastic plate, so that the substrate will be ejected and not to mess with as well as the results of the water in the Aquarium becomes murky.

  1. Use the fish that has the Destroyer

It is also a trivial thing but very important. Do not use fish that can eat plants or love to dig into the substrate. If not, as a result of your plants will be depleted and the substrate you will be damaged.

Such information about the mistakes that Often occur when making Aquascape. Hopefully this information can be useful.


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