Plants That Can Grow In Water “Anubias Frazeri”

Plants That Can Grow In Water Anubias Frazeri

Plants That Can Grow In Water “Anubias Frazeri” – Abubias ‘Frazeri’, is an excellent plant for nearly any planted aquarium. As do some other plants, Anubias species are tolerant of a wide selection of water conditions or need as extreme lighting. Anubias plants should have their rhizomes till they take hold, tied down to a stone or piece of driftwood.

That’s plant can growing in an assortment of terrarium or aquarium states, perfect and simple for novices. Adaptable to the range of pH conditions and water hardness. Optimum development slow encourages undemanding and growing plant that is soil.

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To propagate, cut the rhizome into a couple of bits, ensure leaves on all sections. When putting this plant into the aquarium not cover all rhizome into the substrate. Readily fasten with fishing line or thread to stone or driftwood.

Plants That Can Grow In Water Anubias Frazeri

Plants That Can Grow In Water “Anubias Frazeri”


Anubias Frazeri is a hardy plant that’s verdant green arrow shaped leaves. It’s exceedingly tolerant to various growing circumstances, including conditions that are poor, which makes it perfect and simple for novices.

To be able to keep these plants modest, just trim the leaves close to the rhizome with a sharp pair of scissors back.
The rhizome keeps food for the plant, which is among the reasons this plant is very simple to take care of. The rhizome will start to sprout new leaves, even if it should lose all its leaves. Prune damaged or dead leaves back to the rhizome to maintain the plant healthy. New shoots will appear from the reductions.

They’re extremely slow-growing yet, taking to reach their full size. Contrary to what was believed for a long time, this plant does react to using added and CO2 lighting, growing at a quicker speed than without CO2.

Plants That Can Grow In Water Anubias Frazeri

Plants That Can Grow In Water “Anubias Frazeri”


Anubias frazeri plant might float and attaches itself to rocks, driftwood, substrate. Additionally, it may be seen rooted in other and gravel substrates. When putting This plant into the aquarium, particular attention should be taken off the roots along with the rhizome. The rhizome must not be entombed beneath the substrate, as it’ll rot and die off. In little grains, the roots may not have the capacity to get a hold that is good while bigger gravel tends to roll up pockets of rotting detritus, as well as the sand has a tendency to compact. The perfect size is 2-3mm gravel or 1-2mm sharp sand.

Plants That Can Grow In Water Anubias Frazeri

Plants That Can Grow In Water “Anubias Frazeri”


If put under high light conditions the leaves will grow quicker but will be susceptible to algae growing and more streamlined, especially beard algae. The plant doesn’t damage, but it does change its look. As the extra light can encourage algae growing on the leaves, which ‘s hard to fight, nevertheless, attention has to be taken when using highlight circumstances.

In such scenarios, keeping algae eating fish will aid in coping with algae growing. In shaded areas, Anubias frazeri ought to be put in the aquarium to decrease the danger of alga growing on the leaves.


Propagation for Anubias frazeri is clear-cut and straightforward. Often the plants will create new growing points from the rhizome leading to a whole compact bunch of one big plant and leaves. This new development points and broken free or be cut off from the first woody stalk when several leaves have grown which can supply enough light catching skill to generate food for the plant.

Several techniques used simply to lessen the size of one big plant or might be applied to accelerate duplication. To just trim a sizable plant or to create new growing points break off a segment of the rhizome that’s several healthy leaves on it. The piece of plant which didn’t possess the new growing point will generate a growing point, assuming that it’s several leaves of its own.

To develop a single specimen that is a total Nick a little wound into the rhizome of a plant that is healthy and gets a sharp knife or razor blade. This plant can support a current growing point to form. In such manners will create multiple plants to a creature showpiece plant or share.
Will create seeds.

Plant Profile

Common Name: Anubias Frazeri
Family Name: Araceae
Native To Africa
Lighting: Low-Medium
pH: 6-8
Level: Easy
Growth Form: Spreading Rhizome
Growth Rate: Slow
Pure Aquatic: Yes
Placement in Tank: Mid-Background
Available As: Bareroot and potted

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