Rare and Exotic Tropical Aquarium Plants “Anubias Nana Pangolino”

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Rare and Exotic Tropical Aquarium Plants “Anubias Nana Pangolino – Anubias Nana ‘ Pangolino ‘ is the smallest Anubias plant in the world. This plant has narrow, tiny leaves and very short thick Rhizome.

This plant is found when the cultivation of Anubias nana ´Bonsai,’ which is produced by meristem cultivation in Dennerle greenhouses. Sometimes, some of the seeds will grow in the cultivated plant beds with the tiny leaves size. By selection, it has a couple of the “miniature plant” and observes them thoroughly. An important step was the test phase in a tank.

In collaboration with Dennerle, Mr. Massimo Ianella from Italy has been testing these new plants. After some time it became clear that the plants continue to grow in in this dwarf form. Being a creative collector of rarities, Massimo soon came up with a great name: ‘ Pangolino’ It’s name inspired by the scaled body of pangolin. The Narrow leaflets of this new anubias species are often overlapping as a scales. During production as well as in a tank, it’s growing very slowly. For plant freaks, Anubias’ Pangolino’ is the great rarely and genuine enrichment among the “tiny plants”.

Rare and Exotic Tropical Aquarium Plants Anubias Nana Pangolino

Rare and Exotic Tropical Aquarium Plants “Anubias Nana Pangolino”

Like other Anubias species, Anubias SP. ‘ Pangolino ‘ is simple for carrying. With regular water change and normally fertilizing doses, it grows healthy. In the cold water with highlight lighting and enough carbon dioxide, it will grow faster. In low-light conditions, it was a really low-maintenance plant and will continue to grow slowly (1-2 leaves per month). Also, it can attach the rhizome at the driftwood or rock use fishing line or thread.

Profile Plant

  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Family: Araceae
  • Name: Dennerle Anubias Nana Pangolino
  • Common Name: Anubias Nana Pangolino
  • Manufacturer: Dennerle
  • Color Leaves: Green
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Height: 3 Cm
  • Width: 2-3 Cm
  • Lighting Requirments: Low
  • Temperature Requirments: 20 -28 degree C
  • pH: 5-9
  • Co2 Needed: 0 – 10 Mg/L
  • Growth Rate: Slow
  • Suitable For Beginner: Yes