Standard Rating in the Aquascape Contest World

Standard Rating in the Aquascape Contest World
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Standard Rating in the Aquascape Contest World How does an Aquarium Aquascape is assessed, it will be interesting if the Aquascaper discussed knowing how participants in the Contest World Aquascaping rated.

We could have dreamed and dreamed of being able to reach the level of world competition. It is not impossible, if you are serious about this hobby is studying then your dreams will come true soon.

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Hopefully with the existence of this article, we can make the Aquascaper as you become motivated to follow the contest next year.

Standard Rating in the Aquascape Contest World
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Standard Rating in the Aquascape Contest World

Are you ready? Here is the rating:


Aquarium Aquascape  Standard Rating


  1. Design the layout/composition (25 points)
  • The overall Impression that includes harmony and balance.
  • The layout of the spaces used effectively without gaps, disturbing shadow, feeling cooped up in the layout, the arrangement of plants and hardscape.
  • Visual Balance that is manifested through color, arrangement of plants and hardscape location.


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  1. Artistic Creativity (25 Points)
  • The impression that it was so deeply from the rest of the layout.
  • The layout of the Imagination.
  • Plants grown, trimmed and maintained with intent of the keeping it balanced and effective.
  • A special finishing technique for the final photo, for example, the ripples of a covered or Removed equipment, lighting and other effects.
  • Innovative Use of plants, hardscape, and visual elements.
  • The taking of photos of the natural activity of plants and fish movement or other fauna.


  1. The health condition of the Plant/Aquarium (20 points)
  • Layout contains a healthy water plant.
  • There are no algae.
  • Plant grow with color, density and texture that leaves of maximum.


  1. Use of hardscape and its impact (20 points)
  • Selection of appropriate hardscape and their use as stones, driftwood and other.
  • Benefit from the added to the hardscape materials composition.
  • Hardscape naturally integrated with aquatic plants and design layout.
  • Arrangement of hardscape must match and give the benefits against the layout of the Aquascape.


  1. The ecology of Aquascape (10 Points)
  • Selection of the right fish to supplement the Aquascape.
  • Photo of the fish in groups (schooling fish) when in formation group.
  • Fish photographed at the best angle.
  • The fish surfaced look natural and comfortable layout of Aquascape.


Standard Rating of the Aquarium Biotype


  1. Design the layout/composition (40 points)
  • Impression usually of harmony and balance.
  • Visual Balance.
  • The layout of the space effectively.
  • Natural looking Biotype.


  1. Accuracy Biotype (30 points)
  • Fish native ivertebrata or Biotype.
  • Native Plant Biotype.
  • Accurate Hardscape to reaffirm the authenticity of biotype.


  1. Ecology of Aquarium (20 Points)
  • Fish in groups (schooling fish) was photographed when the formation of the group.
  • Fish photographed at the time of its best angle.
  • Fish should look natural and comfortable layout.


  1. The overall Impression (10 Points)
  • Wild and natural Impression of the layout.
  • The existence of the original water line.
  • Difficulty levels

So thus Standar Rating in the Aquascape Contest world. May you be motivated to follow the contest next year, happy playing with water.


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