The Top 5 Best Aquascaping Fish

The Top 5 Best Aquascaping Fish
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The Top 5 Best Aquascaping FishFind the best fish that fits with the theme of Aquascape has its own challenges. Frequently asked questions by fans of Aquascape, among others: “The size of a fish that is best suited for the Aquascape?”, “Do all types of fish can be compatible with Aquascape Aquarium?”, “Do all fish compatible with CO2 setup?”.

In General, smaller fish such as bucket tetra tend to give the illusion of depth and greater effect against the Aquascape and is an excellent choice for the Aquascaper in this modern times.

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The fish should be avoided quite the fish that has a size larger than the fish tetra, namely fish herbivore such as run ways, Silver Dollar and the Silver Shark & Oscar. Because the fish is a fish that is sensitive to pH changes are obtained from the results of CO2 injection.

The Top 5 Best Aquascaping Fish
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The Top 5 Best Aquascaping Fish

Below is a selection of the best 5 fish that is often used by professional Aquarist from time to time as well as by hobbyists in the world Aquascaping:

  1. Bucket Tetra

Bucket Tetra has become one of the popular Aquascaping fish and also much sought the Aquascaper. This is because its size is very small and has a lighted orange color. Your Aquascape will look much bigger if the fish Bucket Tetra is in your aquarium.

Bucket Tetra
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  1. Cardinal Tetra

Cardinal tetra became one of the fish that are often hunted on the market Aquascaping. This is because they have a beautiful bright colors. Cross neon light that travels through out the body and has a red line just above her. If you are looking for a color to your Aquascape main concern then the Cardinal tetra fish is the most appropriate.

Cardinal Tetra
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  1. Neon Tetra

The neon tetra is a twin or arguably very similar to the cardinal tetra. This fish is a fish that is easily found in a nearby Aquarium shop. In addition, this fish has a huddle is good if you want a schooling fish with cheap budget. You can accommodate more than 50 to 100 tail Neon tetra in the Aquarium and see the results, look Aquasacpe you’ll it’s amazing.

Neon Tetra
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  1. Rainbow Fish

This fish has become the most popular in the fans of the Aquascape. Why not, this is because the body color of rainbow colored fish is naturally bright and reflects light from inside the Aquarium. Rainbow fish species that is often used is Blue Spotted Eye, Threadfin Rainbow fish and Dwarf Neon Rainbow fish.

Rainbow Fish
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  1. Guppy

Popular fish last in this list are Guppy fish. This fish has become the spotlight the Aquascaper since from the beginning of his appearance. The coolant in the Tank allows you to maintain different types of species of fish. However Guppy fish species is the most bright and amazing among them all.

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That’s The Top 5 Best Aquascaping Fish. Those who are on the list, is a popular fish as well as proven will add color and movement to your Aquascape.

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