Trimming Plants in the Aquascape

Trimming Plants in the Aquascape
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Trimming Plants in the Aquascape – Trimming a plant is needed to maintain the beauty and health of your Aquascape visually. In a balanced condition, the plants will grow very fast Aquascape. The pace of growth depends on the types of plants you use,

The stem of the plant is a plant that is growing most rapidly, followed by a foreground plants, potted plants, then the next and final plant fern moss being the slowest in terms of growth.

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It is very important to continue to monitor the size of your plants, since complications can occur when plants reach the surface of the Aquascape and obstruct the lighting to a foreground plant in the Aquascape

Trimming Plants in the Aquascape
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Trimming Plants in the Aquascape

Here’s how to trimming plants on your Aquascape:

How To Trimming A Plant Stem

  • Plant stems need to be cut and trimmed more often than other types of plants in the Aquascape. It is aimed at planning a vision of landscape Aquarium that you create.
  • Plant stems trimmed preferably about 5 from the tip top, depending on the height and size of your Aquarium.
  • Cut off the stems of this plant about one inch from within the substrate where they will form the root system and will start growing back quickly.
  • We recommend that when you buy a plant stem, stem plants in buy amounts according to the size of your aquarium so that they grow quickly.

How To Trimming Potted Plant

  • Potted plant as hair grass, amazon sword, crypts, crinum and red tiger liliy requires slightly more maintenance. This plant will grow more slowly compared to the plant stem and very hard keeping the size we want from this plant.
  • If the leaves of this plant are the leaves become thick, they could have easily trimmed from the bottom roots and we can pick it up easily from aquariums. The same process also applies if the leaves of this plant are yellowish or start dying. As this could contaminate the aquarium water with nitrates that will affect the health of plants your Aquascape.

How To Trimming MOSS

  • Trimming moss slowly and carefully dispose of the Aquarium using the scissors. Moss will typically grow slowly in condition well planted and will grow faster in an aquarium with a high nitrate levels.
  • Pieces of moss can be replanted by way of pasting on open areas of hardscape as stone, wood and driftwood with cotton thread until moss attached to the cotton thread and can be discarded.

How To Trimming Java Fern and Anubias

  • Java fern and Anubias can be easily reproduced by means of separate Rhizome.
  • to disseminate and dividing the plants to the Aquascape use the razor blade knife or very sharp and then cut Rhizome into two parts, depending on the plant.

Such information as how to Trimming Plants on the Aquascape. Hopefully this information can add your insights on Aquascaping!


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