Types of Algae Can Grow in the Aquascape

Types of Algae Can Grow in the Aquascape
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Types of Algae Can Grow in the AquascapeOne of the problems frequently encountered by the Aquascapers are algae. Up to this time the Organisms had become a major problem which is quite annoying in Aquascaping world.

Unlike bacterial presence can still provide benefits, the emergence of algae in the Aquascape tend to be more disruptive in nature although there are some benefits that are generated by the alga of which provide additional food for animals in the Aquascape.

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One of the signs that your Aquascape is currently experiencing the problem of algae is the existence of particles that are green or yellow brown. Algae can also wire shaped white or gray which is composed of fungus and bacteria. Aquascape you might be infected by more than one type of algae at the time same time, then don’t be weird seeing mix algae.

Types of Algae Can Grow in the Aquascape
Photo copyright from aquascape-aquarium.blogspot.com

Types of Algae Can Grow in the Aquascape

The following types of algae can grow in the Aquascape include:

  1. Brown Algae

Brown algae also known as Silica Algae. This algae appear when we start new Aquascape setup as well as sticking to the inside lining of the tank. The algae sticking to the lining of the tank can be cleaned in a manner absorbable. In General, the Brown Algae is considered a fairly harmless algae. If the Aquascape already cleaned, Brown Algae will usually be soon gone.

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  1. Black Beard Algae (BBA)

In General, the BBA is one of Aquascape algae that is difficult to cut off, therefore you need solution whitening or bleaching to kill algae. This algae usually appears first on the hardscape as rocks and driftwood.

  1. Green Algae

This is the one algae algae normal and healthy that will provide benefits against your Aquascape plant during its growth in the normal range. This algae is also known as Algae spots.

  1. Blue Green Algae

The one algae is often known as algae semar or lenders, but not the kind of algae at all, these organisms are Cyanobacteria. This algae can spread quickly and can result in severe damage. This is because the excess phosphate and nitrate in the Aquascape.

  1. Green Water Algae

This is often called algae algae bloom. Why is this so? Because such is the form of algae. The most annoying thing of this algae i.e. microscopic size and can pollute the water in the Aquascape. This algae can not absorbed or removed and water turnover is generally ineffective. Effective way to overcome this is to use algae filter diatomic or by blocking all access to the incoming light on the Aquascape for some days.

Such information about the type of Algae that can grow in the Aquascape. Hopefully useful Aquascaper!

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