Understanding Aquascape Style Wabi Kusa

Understanding Aquascape Style Wabi Kusa
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Understanding Aquascape Style Wabi Kusa – Aquascaping world is already much more rapidly growing to this day. Many new Aquascape style popping up, after we’ve often heard such a flow style or Dutch Style, Iwagumi Style, Nature Style, and now there is a new style called Wabi Kusa.

What is a Wabi Kusa style Aquascape? Kusa is a revolutionary concept Wabi from ADA, right again, mastermind of the creation of this attractive aquascape style is Takashi Amano. Wabi Kusa answered the Aquarist who liked the Aquascaping hobby but constrained by space or narrow, as well as having a high bustle so there is no time to take care of Aquascape.

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Wabi Kusa itself means ‘ Wabi ‘ shows something aesthetic, the beauty that’s not perfect but naturally (like in wabi sabi) and ‘ Kusa’ means sometimes called grass or plants. Therefore there is no literal translation for ‘Wabi Kusa’. It aims to show something beautiful, natural, sweet imperfections as well as involve plants asthe main element.

Understanding Aquascape Style Wabi Kusa
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Understanding Aquascape Style Wabi Kusa

Wabi Kusa is ball substrates covered by plants that grow in the form of terestial, Aquascape’s style is very similar to plants grown in hydroponics in the nursery. The ball is placed directly onto the substrate in a small glass container filled with water and left to grow naturally.

In making this Aquascape, Aquascaping techniques need to be very different, where the layout of the Aquarium was planned beautifully and meticulously maintained plants and carefully. Aquascape style this one is let free flowing nature, so that it will produce a beautiful and amazing Aquascape. Wabi Kusa is ideal placed in rooms or Office because of its existence will be beneficial to expel the thoughts of your stress.

Wabi Kusa placed in glass containers, planted crops as well as have a few inches of water in it, depending on the plant as well as the shape of the container that you are using. After that, you simply put your Aquascape  Wabi Kusa in places that have a light that fits the needs of the plants to grow. Next, you need to just enjoy the beauty of simplicity and complexity of the atmosphere of the wild. It should be noted, that the light used are suitable for plant growth.

Unlike other Aquascape, Wabi Kusa tend not using hardscape (rocks and Driftwood). Although this style of hardscape can be added if you wish. The purpose of the Wabi Kusa himself was to show the free flowing nature, is not to flaunt it.

Benefits of Wabi kusa

  • Prices are relatively cheaper than buying an aquarium and Cabinet
  • Can be used as a pain killer stress
  • Requires little space
  • Easy to use
  • Does not require much experience Aquascaping
  • Aquascape is beautiful but simple, that’s what you’ll get.

Such information about Understanding Wabi Kusa Style Aquascape. Hopefully you now know again what it Wabi Kusa style Aquascape.


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