Understanding Hardscape in the Aquascape

Understanding Hardscape in the Aquascape
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Understanding Hardscape in the AquascapeHardscape is an important part of the Aquascape. For example, water plants that provide a natural atmosphere of life while the rock or driftwood is the heart of landscape in the Aquascape, since one of the two aforementioned hardscape will become a focal point in an Aquascape.

The main purpose of Aquascaping is describing the natural atmosphere inside the Aquarium. Driftwood and stones must be placed in a location that suits your aquatic plants, in order to create a focal point that draws the attention of someone. Striped stone or wood branched hardscape can be very interesting to attract the attention of others.

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You can use the hardscape are brown and black are elegant. These colors are believed to be able to enhance the atmosphere in an aquarium and provide a stunning contrast of colors to green and Red plants. In designing the Aquascape, you should avoid the use of false or plastic plants. Purpose is to make natural landscape produced by native aquatic plants can provide natural effects, where as the plant plastic doesn’t give natural effects.

Understanding Hardscape in the Aquascape
Photo copyright from Pinterest.com

Understanding Hardscape in the Aquascape

Here are a few Hardscape that are on the Aquascape:


Stone is one of hardscape in the Aquascape is usually used in the Aquascape. The important thing to remember, to choose a natural colored stones. For example, the White hole and the Red rock desert rock that has color too conspicuous so that when placed in the Aquarium will attract too much attention.

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The best option is to choose the color of the rock is softer like grey, black and brown. Before using rock as a hardscape in the Aquascape, you should make sure first that it has no effect to make the water more acidic or harder. The way to check that is by pouring vinegar into a small hole in the stone, and then if the stone bubbly then immediately replace the stone with stone in the other.

Drift Wood

Aquascape designs you will be much more interesting if there is a thin stem with Driftwood and branching. Select the pieces of wood that look naturally cut with no indication of cut will add to the value of beauty in your Aquascape. Wood has an unusual Rod dent also suitable for applied with Moss and other water plants.

Until now, using wood that lay as if falling from a tree close to the most interesting is the idea of attention in among the Aquascaper.


Natural black colored Substrate will give you amazing effects to your Aquasacpe. While a white substrate can be used once in a while but it’s harder to take care of him remain clean and less suitable for Nature themed Aquascape. Take an idea or inspiration from internet and literature that exists, so you can determine which substrate according to the theme which you want to create an Aquascape.

Hardscape as stones, driftwood and substrate can be totally change the look of your Aquascape designs. Therefore, it is important to place the hardscape as well as choosing the right colors hardscape for added effect life of plants in the Aquarium.

Thus information about Understanding Hardscape in the Aquascape. Hopefully this information can help you the Aquascaper.

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