Understanding Plant Aquascape Java Moss

Understanding Plant Aquascape Java Moss
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Understanding Plant Aquascape Java Moss – Java Moss (Taxiphyllum Barbieri) is one of the most productive Moss plants as well as many available at hobby Aquarium to your Aquascape. This plant is found first in the regional South East Asia, Japan and Vietnam.

This Moss is found attached to rocks, driftwood and other vegetationin rivers and swamps. Although most people only know moss as Java Moss, but the scientific community is not able to confirm the actual taxonomy of moss.

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Sometimes the aquascaper call this plant as Vasicularia Dubyana, but botanist finds the fact that the name does not fit on the moss and now moss is classified as Taxiphyllum Barbieri. Until the development of the facts about this unidentified moss, this classification will remain the same.

Understanding Plant Aquascape Java Moss
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Understanding Plant Aquascape Java Moss

Plant Profile:

  • Scientific Name: Taxiphyllum Barbieri
  • Common Name: Java Moss
  • Difficulty Level: Very easy
  • Need Light: Low
  • CO2 Needs: low
  • The Growth Rate: Slow
  • Laying of the Plant: Variable
  • Family: Hypnaceae
  • Genus: Vesicularia
  • Origin: Southeast Asia
  • The type of plants: Moss
  • Can be grown Emersed: Yes
  • Water Hardness: Medium (GH: 9-13 dH)

Growth Characteristics

Java Moss is a plant that is not fussy and adaptable without requiring complex care or specific environment to grow healthy and good. This plant can be grown in conditions of lighting, water and nutrients like anything.

The branches of these leaves will stick easily on rocks, driftwood and other hardscape may be wrapped by Java Moss. Java Moss usually require quite a long time to grow, but the growth rate will be faster if with higher lighting. This plant will spread horizontally and vertically in layers of the aquarium.

Application Of This Plant On The Aquascape

Java Moss is easily affixed to objects or strings using aquarium hardscape fishing line or thread. First, start with a thin layer of Moss on the object, and then wrap the thread around the moss and the object it will be affixed. The result will be seen after several weeks in which moss will attach themselves to objects as well as growing cover the yarn.

This plant can also be clipped between two wire mesh to create a wall of moss. When pinched, Java Moss will slowly grow among small holes of wire mesh. Within a month the results will be seen, the screen will contain the Aquarium wall hanging moss. Although the plant is still unknown taxonomy, but the taxonomy Taxiphyllum barbieri is the most variebel taxonomy as well as easy to maintain this moss for you fans of aquascape!

Hopefully the information on understanding this aquascape java moss plants could be useful for you.


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