Selection of the Best Aquarium Substrate for Aquascape

Selection of the Best Aquarium Substrate for Aquascape
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Selection of the Best Aquarium Substrate for Aquascape In the world – In the world of Aquascaping, aquarium substrate, there are many options that you can use, for example, there is a clay, ADA Aquasoil, sand, gravel, and many others.

The substrate is the Foundation of your Aquascape designs. Beautiful aquascape, whether or not it can be seen from the way the selection of aquarium substrate is similar to the style of Aquascaping. A good substrate can be useful to overcome stress by means of seeing the beauty of your Aquascape.

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The selection of the right Aquarium substrate can make beautiful large rocks in the tank, large plants as well as lush and healthy fish that swim with agile there here. In addition, the substrate also functions create a balance relationship between crops and fish in your aquarium.

Selection of the Best Aquarium Substrate for Aquascape
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Selection of the Best Aquarium Substrate for Aquascape

1. Substrate Aquarium used in pairs or Layers

Gravel, Sand

The most common Aquarium substrates used are gravel and sand. Both of these give a natural feel of the substrate and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. It also has an inert substrate with low CEC.

Shards Of Coral, Marble, Limestone, Oolitic Aragonit

This substrate is recommended for use in African Cichilds Aquascape and sea water tank, because this function improves substrate pH and KH on Aquarium. In addition, the color of the light produced by the substrate this can indicate the location of the dirt that is in the Aquarium that makes it easy to clean up the grime.

Peat Moss

Peat useful soften water pH and CEC properly. This substrate also contain nutrients that are good for plants and can prevent the growth of algae. It gives the feel of a substrate such as water color of tea, because the color is produced by a high content of tannins.


This land is good if it is used as a layer of gravel or sand on it. The substrate is also very good in helping the growth of plants in the Aquarium.

2. Substrate Aquarium Type Single Layer


Onyx is a good substrate for gushing water setup, has a beautiful black colour and easily planted by aquatic plants. Until recently, Seachem is one of the much sought after substrate Onyx.


The substrate is excellent for biological filtration in the Aquarium, has a CEC good, extract the ammonia as well as make plant roots become stronger. These substrates contain no nutrients to plants and can become mud if used in a long period of time.


Akadama which means red ball is a volcanic clay often used by farmers bonsai, but already many aquarist who tried to use it to their advantage because the Aquarium substrate that is able to hold water and nutrients or CEC has very good. These substrates provide good circulation to the Aquarium because porosity lowers the pH and KH in water.

Thus the information on a selection of the best Aquarium Substrate To Aquascape. We wish you could pick the right substrate for your Aquascape.


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