Understanding the Golden Ratio in the Aquascape
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Understanding the Golden Ratio in the Aquascape

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Understanding the Golden Ratio in the Aquascape Like other arts, Aquascape also has some rules and demands that should be embodied in the application. These rules established to guide its success in creating an Aquascape designs.

But keep in mind, that these rules exist only to guide us not to limit our creativity because it is not infrequently an artist skilled Aquascaping thus breaking the rules to make an innovation is different and it is not impossible if done appropriately will produce a new work.

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This means that you do not see the rules as something price dead or raw. The term “The Golden Ratio” itself has a meaning that is The Rule of Third and second term had long been known in the world of art forms and spaces.

Understanding the Golden Ratio in the Aquascape
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Understanding the Golden Ratio in the Aquascape

The Golden Ratio is already a long time implemented by the inhabitants of ancient Greece and used in all forms of art that lasted thousands of years. The Golden Ratio gives guidelines on regulating the composition of spaces as well as fields in a work of art that is going to make.

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Final results expected from this theory of deployment that is creating a work of art that appeals to human view. Believe it or not that the theory of The Golden Ratio proved effective, attractive and comfortable are seen by humans in General.

Deployment of The Golden Ratio itself looks like this:

Understanding the Golden Ratio in the Aquascape
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Imagine there are four lines and then two horizontal lines and two vertical lines running through the tank, and then divides into nine equal parts. Each point resulting from the intersection of these lines is the focal point of the Golden Ratio as well as a sign of where you need to place the main Hardscape at that point as the Focal Point. The main Hardscape can be a wood, stone or plant.

The same way that can be done when considering planning plant height or the height of hardscape will be used. Adjust the height of the plant or hardscape at 1/3 or 2/3 of the height of the Aquarium. Believe me, this composition that appeals to human view and keep in mind that you already consider that your plants will constantly grow so will influence the composition of the height you have set previously.

It is the policy of the composition height or hardscape which will help you create a regular art in the Aquascape. In addition, The Golden Ratio itself in the Aquascape has a goal to assist you in determining the right position to serve as the Focal Point.

Thus the information on Understanding the Golden Ratio in the Aquascape. Now you can choose the layout of your hardscape compositions or plants that fit the rules in order to create something that appeals to human view.

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