Function of Substrate to Plant Your Aquascape

Function Of Substrate To Plant Your Aquascape
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Function of Substrate to Plant Your Aquascape – In the world of aquascape, there are many options Aquarium substrate that you can select for your favorite aquascape ranging from clay, ADA Aquasoil, sand, gravel and other.

The substrate you use will be the basis for the final results of which you want to aquascape designs. A good substrate will help you troubleshoot problems on the glass, creating a more natural stone and also prevents cracking.

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The substrate you choose correctly will help keep the plants in the aquarium as well as creating for relationship chemical balance of fish and plants.

Function Of Substrate To Plant Your Aquascape
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Function of Substrate to Plant Your Aquascape

1. Supporting

Aquarium substrate is good and healthy is a smooth and dense texture, and can regulate the circulation of nutrients is good and helps the penetration of plant roots. Therefore, you must be careful with the size and shape of particles, substrate you choose. Size substrate recommended is 2-5 mm so that the plants can infuse them with strong roots.

2. To Keep

How to keep it simple, simply pour the substrate into the Aquarium tank. The substrate will soon be functioning properly so that the plants can grow fast and healthy, But this solution has a major weakness as planting herbs in pots, nutrients they will be depleted after using ita few months and need to be replaced periodically. The creator of a natural style of Aquascape, Takashi Amano suggested that replacing any ADA Aquasoil 1 times a year.

It should be noted, that CEC substrate you choose. CEC stands for Change Exchange Capacity. You should also measure the Aquarium substrate capacity to hold nutrients in order not to be absorbed and make them all save supplies for plant roots.

3. Create a balance

Aquarium substrate to your aquascape can be inert (gravel, sand, clay, etc.) or can actively and directly affect the PH and KH (Carbonate Hardness) of your aquarium water such as soil, peat, fluorit, crushed coral and others.

You can use the smooth substrate that can keep the balance, leading to a lack of oxygen to the Aquarium area, forming hydrogen sulfidegas pockets and increase the growth of anaerobic bacteria.

4. Create the view of Aesthetics

Aquarium substrate has many variations, shapes, colors and composition starting from that looks natural to look more vibrant and brightly colored (Option 2 is not recommended).

This option is actually the absolute being your right to choose the best substrates for your aquascape. For a natural look, do settings “Decreased in size” of the Aquarium substrate, determine the focal point of the tank with the large size (2-5 mm) and the shape of the tip of the gravel should be much smaller (1-2 mm)

As such, information regarding function of the substrate To Plant Your Aquascape. Hopefully you’re not wrong in deciding to aquascape Aquarium substrate.

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