How to Clean Filter in the Aquascape

How To Clean Filter in the Aquascape
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How to Clean Filter in the Aquascape – There are several types of filters that can be selected when you want to create an Aquascape. Under gravel could be one option for those of you who are new to the world of Aquascaping, because these filters require only little maintenance. These filters help to suck up dirt in the bottom of the Aquarium as well as no plant roots that will clog the filter.

You do not need to frequently clean the under gravel filter, clean it every once in a year. However, this filter will not be effective if used in an aquarium with larger sizes, and have a lot of disadvantages when should clean the Aquascape will overwhelm the plant.

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Internal and external filter is the best option if you want to create Aquascape in the Aquarium. Internal and external filters need to be cleaned every 3 to 4 weeks once and this filter more often clogged. The reason why clean the filters don’t get too often can damage so that is the most important part of the biological filtration will not run.

How to Clean Filter in the Aquascape
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How to Clean Filter in the Aquascape

Filters often use biological filtration to break up particles and toxins that form in your Aquascape. In a biological filtration process there is called “Cycling” process that is based on bacteria that break the toxins in the Aquarium into a harmless substance.

You should clean the filter Aquascape every 3 – 4 weeks without using hot water. How often do you clean the filter depends on the type and quantity of fish that are in your Aquascape. If your aquarium fish there great Cichild then you should clean the filter more frequently than the Aquarium only contained a small tetra fish.

Every 3 to 4 weeks is the rules that must be met in order for the balance in your aquarium maintained. Clean the filter by means of releasing it from the socket and then remove it from your aquarium tank. Off the cabinet filter and loose parts of the filter will be washed and then cleaned.

Wash the filter under the water strainer cramps at room temperature until the water flowing almost crystal clear. Eliminate algae, the crustand the other with the use of cold water in the filter that is made of plastic, and we recommend that you do not use hot water to clean the plastic filter.

If you’ve had a wash all parts of the filter, then now a raft of back filter and then plug it back in as before, and wait until the next filter cleanse schedule. It turned out easier instead of how to clean the filter Aquascape? Conclusion: do not clean the filter with hot water strainer, sieve filters do not washed until clean and do not use SOAP to wash the filter.

So thus article on how to clean the Filter in the Aquascape. Hopefully this information can be useful for you.


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